Benefits of Shareware

Try it before you buy it!

When software is marketed through normal retail channels, you are forced to pay for the product before you've even seen it. The shareware marketing method lets you try a program before you buy it. Since you've tried the program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it. A shareware program is just like a program you find in major stores, catalogs, and other places where software is purchased; except you get to use it, on your own computer, before paying for it.

You get more personal service.

Shareware companies are usually smaller companies, consisting of one to several people that personally fill orders, answer your emails and provide support for any problems. When dealing with some large software companies, it seems like personal service has become a thing of the past. When you need help, you might have to call an automatic answering machine and jump through many hoops before you even get to talk to an actual person. By contrast, most shareware authors provide a support email address, and will often read and answer support requests personally.

Often, direct contact with the programmer or designer of the software is possible.

Shareware is usually developed by small companies, often by a single individual. When you email support with a question or concern, you will often receive an answer from the author of the program. The author will be interested in improving his or her software, and likely be very responsive to your comments. By contrast, if you contact a large commercial company about a software problem, it is possible that the contact person will not even be familiar with the software.

The cost may be a fraction of what you'd pay at retail software prices.

Shareware authors don't have the high overhead of larger companies, and can pass the savings on to you! Since shareware companies usually don't have to absorb the high cost of advertising nationally, they can afford to sell at very attractive prices for the consumer.

Basically, the shareware model is efficient. Costs are generally less than for software sold through traditional channels. Lower operating costs mean shareware authors can concentrate on writing great programs, while often charging users less.

Shareware authors and shareware sites scan their software for viruses.

The shareware industry has an excellent track record providing products that have been checked thoroughly for viruses.Shareware authors, webmasters and other system operators carefully scan programs for viruses before offering them to consumers, so a shareware program will often have more checks made on it than regular commercial software. In recent years, very few shareware websites host files; most are linking to the shareware files back on the web sites of the authors, so you're getting files directly from the source. The few sites that do their own hosting are nearly all quite large, and scan their collections regularly and carefully. When in doubt, download directly from the authors' web sites.

Shareware is widely available on the internet.

When you want the latest update, it's as simple as visiting the company's website, or finding the new version on a software site. Fast and easy access to software is a big plus for the IT professional or home-based PC user. Naturally, there is a delay in getting retail software into the store. Often, by the time retail software finds its way to the store shelf, bugs have surfaced, or changes in the technology have created unforeseen problems. Shareware is consequently often fresher, and more up-to-date than its retail counterparts. There is little delay time implementing fixes and adjustments and getting them on-line.

Don't know exactly what you're looking for? Try shareware!

There are many great shareware sites where you can find and download shareware, demos, and public domain software. You can easily browse on-line, and see what exciting new products are being offered today. If you aren't sure exactly what you need, shareware is a perfect way to find out. You can try it out before you pay!

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Order from home with convenient delivery options.

There's no need drive to a crowded store, or stand in line at a check-out counter.

Why fight the traffic? You can try the software first, place your order securely, and usually the full version is sent directly to your computer with little or no delay. What could be easier?