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Here you may submit any offer that you wish to extend to all ASP members. Offers will be sent to our Member Discount Coordinator and posted in the "Members Only" section of our web site. Current offers exist for services such as discounted web hosting as well as free and discounted versions of various software packages ranging from developer tools to educational software. A sample of these discounts is available here

It is the policy of the Association of Software Professionals to only add offers if the following two criteria are met:

1. The offer is exclusive for ASP members,that is, it is not an offer available to the public, and,

2. The offer is, in the opinion of the Member Offer Coordinator, a "substantial discount" to our members. As a guideline, an offer of less
than a 20% discount is not normally considered as "substantial", but such a discount might be considered "substantial" on a high ticket item.
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