Tips For Distributors Outside of the USA

The shareware marketplace in the United States and Canada has pretty well distilled itself to Internet-based distribution. The ASP recognizes, though, that the marketplace elsewhere is very different. Many areas of the world still have web access charged by the minute, or problems with international currency conversions, local tax issues, or other barriers to international sales.

Participate in the Internet. Press releases and conversation on the ASP newsgroups will give you advance notice of trends in the U.S., trends that will affect your areas soon.

Don't rely on just U.S. publishers. Scour your local market for country-specific software such as accounting and tax programs.

Many U.S. publishers know they can profit by making registrations and sales easier for overseas customers. You can profit by taking orders for North American publishers, shipping domestically, translating help files and documentation, and providing support for local customers. Although credit card registration on the Internet is easy, it isn't always an easy option for the "other 50%" of the world. There are successful sales agents in Australia, England, France, Germany, and Japan and there is room for more. the end

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Tips for US Distributors